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v2.00 - 13th December


- Gradient backgrounds which you can choose from www.gradientmagic.com.

- Better error messages when logging in or registering an new account

- Info, warning and success messages to let the user get some feedback instead of just nothing

- Glitchless leaderboard tab to ctt page

- Qualifying Times tab to ctt page

- Qualifying Times to a few ctt

- Now your background will be display for you instead of the default one, once you're logged in. It will change everywhere except in medge.info/user/


- Having to login twice for some users


- Font Awesome is now self hosted instead of using a CDN

- Being able to visit other profiles without being logged in

- Leaderboard help page is now under the leaderboard page


- Displaying the dates if you were logged in (Example: 1 month ago)

- Being able to select timezone

- Being able to change from Metric to Imperial